Enterprise Licensing

Enterprise Licensing

For over 30 years, InsMark has been creating easy-to-understand presentations showing consumers the value of life insurance in meeting all of their financial goals. In this time, InsMark has been the pioneer and leader in making life insurance sales concepts more understandable by the producer and ultimately the consumer. InsMark illustrations can be presented as "top page" concept proposals or, as the MDRT has called them, "diet" proposals. Mathematical and legal compliance is covered by requiring that your insurance company's illustrations accompany the InsMark presentation. To this end, InsMark was the driving force behind the NAIC's acceptance of "supplemental illustrations" as a special presentation category.  

Corporate License for "The Link" 

InsMark’s marketing concepts are integrated with your life insurance company's illustration software to allow agents a quick and accurate way to create the best Marketing and Sales illustrations available. We refer to the integration of your life company's data into the InsMark illustration systems as "The Link".  Providing The Link is the best way for you to control exactly how your products will be used in the InsMark Illustration Systems. The benefits of The Link include:
  • More time!  Your field force can access the policy data instantly instead of tediously hand-entering the data,
  • More accuracy!  Eliminates the potential for typos from hand entering the policy data,
  • More secure!  Agents can't edit linked policy data, 
  • More control!  You have customized system options such as blocking certain concepts based on the product in use, 
  • More compliant!  You designate a custom five-line footnote which will appear on all pages of the presentation,
  • More productivity!  Your agents have more time and tools to produce more sales,
  • More field force!  It will enhance a broker's ability to sell your product (if your company has relationships with brokers).


Corporate Site Licenses

Most companies provide The Link and a site illustration system to their agents.  The #1 choice for a site product is the InsMark Illustration System because of the extensive variety of sales concepts that you can provide your agents.  We work with you every step of the way: 
  • We work with your IT Department or Basic Illustration Software vendor to achieve “The Link”.
  • We work with your Compliance Department on any issues of concern. With all of our current carriers already approving our software, we are confident that your compliance department will find our software to be an easy approval.
  • We offer some Custom Coding options to our software.
  • We offer Training Seminars for your Producers.


Other Discounted Licensing

We also offer special pricing for Independent Marketing Organizations, Brokerages, Agencies, etc.   



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