Gary Sipos, M.B.A., A.I.F.®, San Francisco, CA

"InsMark makes it easy to communicate the value of what we do.  Clients see it, understand it, and then buy.  Love how InsMark makes my challenging profession much easier to do."    

Philip Gallant, CLTC, InsMark Platinum Power Producer, Clifton Park, NY

"InsMark software is absolutely the solution to work with clients who are serious about their financial life.  The proof is in the numbers, and they speak for themselves!  Couple that with the great, and helpful staff and you have an unbeatable recipe for success!" 

Robert Green, InsMark Gold Power Producer, Napa, CA

"Worth thousands of dollars each and every month, for the cost of pennies.  Easy to learn and makes selling easy to close."  

Kelly Wade, NAIFA, MDRT, InsMark Silver Power Producer, Holladay, UT

"With InsMark in the forefront and the best of the best in areas of planning. There is no other symposium that offers the quality of knowledge that you need to know to stay ahead of our ever-changing landscape, on what we do and can learn from our industry professionals."  

Steven Seitz, Madison, SD

"Until I started using InsMark's Wealthy and Wise, I was really struggling to present my plan to clients. With this software, I can make it as simple as needed or as detailed as possible, which is awesome. I am not sure how other advisors are successful without using it!" 

Christopher Fehr Springfield, IL

"I use Wealthy and Wise for all of my client proposals. Showing status quo vs. different options is key to helping clients make informed decisions. My closing rate is very high when I have an InsMark presentation to show clients the outcome of various options. No other software comes close when life insurance is part of the solution." 

Gary Sipos, M.B.A., A.I.F.®, San Francisco, CA

"I meet the highest quality producers at the InsMark Symposium and get inspired by their success, and always learn something new about InsMark and how it can help my practice."  

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