How Security Mutual of NY Links with InsMark

 From WinFlex Web:  To link Security Mutual of NY policy data to your InsMark Illustration Systems, follow the steps below.

For Further Assistance, call Tracey Leslie at (607) 338-7295 or Lisa Canfield at (607) 338-7417

1. From the WinFlex Dashboard, select Illustrations. Next, place your cursor over your profile name in the upper right-hand corner and click Preferences.  Navigate to the Reports tab and make sure the box for "Enable InsMark" is checked as shown below.  Make sure to click theSave Preferences button. 

2. Now, create your basic illustration and click Calculate.

3.  On the Summary page showing output options, just click on the InsMark logo shown below.

4.  From the InsMark Products menu, launch your desired InsMark Illustration System.  Once you start creating a proposal, you will be prompted for policy data.  Your policy data will be displayed at the top of the picklist.  (Note: The picklist is sorted by the creation date and your most recent policy data is always at the top of the list.)