Life Plan


Life Plan

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Your System comes with Snap-Ons. Snap-Ons enable the instant transfer of policy data from your company's illustration software to this InsMark System.

Life Plan produces a clear, concise two-page retirement illustration -- in English or Spanish -- containing all a producer needs to convince a customer of the exceptional value of a life insurance policy -- including: 

1) cash value; 
2) death benefit; and
3) withdrawals and/or loans for retirement cash flow. 
(A valid Life Plan illustration must contain all three components.)

Although useful with a wide array of clients, this illustration is particularly efficient when used with first-time buyers of permanent life insurance. 


Life Plan Illustrating the Value of Permanent Life Insurance

Life Plan is a strategy that emphasizes death benefit and pre-retirement cash accumulation while also providing a source of retirement income.

A Life Plan presentation shows your client the value and flexibility of permanent policies with a death benefit, annual premiums, followed by cash flow (the example above shows withdrawals to basis; loans thereafter).

Sample Output

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