Zerita Reynolds, CLU, ChFC, FLMI, LLIF, REBC, RHU Director, Advanced Markets, Aviva USA

"InsMark's Life Plan presentation provides a valuable tool for our agents in discussing retirement plans with their clients. Its concise and to-the-point design makes the concept very easy to understand. And, having it available in both Spanish and English has proven to be extremely useful."

Dennis Dahl, Rigby, ID

"It was invaluable to see how flexible Wealthy and Wise is as a planning tool! There are countless options, yet the illustrations provide clear choices for my clients. I have used InsMark for years, but never understood the programs as well after this seminar. Great meeting --well worth the time and expense."

LeAnn Nalls, Victoria, TX

"The seminar allows a new user to become familiar with the systems immediately. The demonstrations of individual cases were phenomenal for a beginning user."

Gary M. Baker, President/CEO, Bloom-Baker/Asensus of New England, Boston, MA

"As a top national brokerage firm representing many insurance companies, the InsMark Illustration System has everything we need in an advanced marketing presentation system."

Stephen Rothschild, CLU, ChFC, CRC, RFC, International Forum Member, Saint Louis, MO

"If you don’t get the client to distinguish cash flow from net worth, you won't make the case sale. In my experience, Wealthy and Wise is the only system that recognizes this important estate planning component."

Stephen L. Bruneau, Waltham, MA

"For many years I've used InsMark to generate split dollar proposals in the corporate marketplace. More recently I've had good success with Wealthy and Wise in closing some six figure whole life premiums in the estate area. The impact of the pie charts and plan comparisons has made all the difference."

Phillip Barnhill, CLU, InsMark Gold Power Producer®, Minneapolis, MN

"Major cases we are developing have all moved along successfully because of the sublime simplicity and communication capability of Wealthy and Wise. I guarantee that the proper use of this tool will dramatically raise the professional and personal self image of any associate who dares to take the time to understand it…"

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