Robert Green, InsMark Gold Power Producer®, Napa, CA

“The Symposium provides the knowledge & experience to work on my business, adding value for me and clients as well.”

Ross Hoffman, Ventura, CA

“The InsMark Illustration System and Wealthy and Wise have significantly enhanced my life insurance production scope. I feel I can now present ideas with backup support material.”

Jeff Frankhouser, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Sturgis, SD

“I always wrestle with attending or not, but Bob and staff never fail to surpass my expectations. Can’t wait until the next one! Great job!”

Hector May, CLU, ChFC, CFP® , InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, New City, NY

“Bob Ritter is still the most knowledgeable practitioner of advanced markets.”

Chris Jacob, CFP, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, SFI-Cadeau, St. Louis, MO

“I have been in the business 29 years and have attended InsMark Symposium for over 20 years. Each one gives me at least 2-3 impact ideas that I can immediately take back and have impact for me and my clients. It is fun and always the best conference I attend annually.”

David C. Schnerr III, Impact Brokerage Services

"Your company is absolutely the most comprehensive software and concept company in the financial planning area. I have been an agent and Series 7 broker for many years and told clients that the insurance industry is the place to have a lot of their money as insurance actuaries and investment departments can provide them with guarantees. After 9/11 they realize I really knew what I was talking about. And since I now have your software, I can easily show them."

Mike Breedlove, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Tyler, TX

“InsMark is the best value for me in the industry.”

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