Larry Gustafson, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Denver, CO

“The Symposium is absolutely a mind blowing experience.”

Chris Jacob, CFP, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, SFI-Cadeau, St. Louis, MO.

“I have been using InsMark since it was a C:> prompt back in the early 1980s. The new Jazz release is the most exciting upgrade to the InsMark Illustration System I’ve seen in 28 years! With unlimited options for customization, you can now be as creative as you want when producing illustrations. I downloaded it last night, and used it successfully with my first appointment this morning.”

Kay Corbin, CLU, ChFC, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Phoenix, AZ

"InsMark helps us help our clients understand their money and their choices. I am always learning something new that changes what we do and how we can do it more efficiently. That translates to a better bottom line for us and for our clients. It’s making more money for everyone — just by pushing InsMark buttons on the computer. How great is that?!"

Simon Singer, CFP®, CAP®, RFC®, International Forum Member, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Encino, CA

“InsMark has created without question the best suite of software for our industry that has ever existed. I personally have been using their software for almost 30 years, and it changed my career. The InsMark Symposium will expose you not only to this unique and user friendly software, but to real life applications for your business that will add many thousands to your income for as long as you’re in business. InsMark makes me look good, and it will you as well."

David McKnight, Author of The Power of Zero, InsMark Gold Power Producer®, Grafton, WI

“The InsMark software is indispensable to my entire planning process because it enables me to show my clients that inaction has a price tag. I can't afford to go without it!”

Chris Jacob, CFP, SFI-Cadeau, St. Louis, MO, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®

“Standard premium financing illustrations produce much in the way of great data, but it takes the InsMark Premium Financing System to really present compelling numbers; however, the integration of that data into InsMark’s comparative modules like Various Financial Alternatives and Wealthy and Wise is really what makes premium financing sizzle.”

Chris Jacob, CFP, Frequent InsMark Seminar Attendee, InsMark Platinum Power Producer®, Saint Louis, MO

"Great seminar! I always learn something new that I can take back and apply immediately."

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