InsMark Illustration System (IIS) – Essentials

InsMark Illustration System (IIS) – Essentials

Watch our short video below for a quick explanation of how InsMark Essentials can help you increase your production using cash value life insurance products.

For insurance producers new to InsMark, InsMark Essentials is the best choice to get started.  It's extremely easy to use, Web-based, and inexpensive.

Create powerful sales presentations in minutes showing when cash value life insurance is the best option to enhance your client’s long-term financial results.

Licensing Fee:
Required Maintenance Fee:
$39.00 /month

Software Discount!  Contact Julie Nayeri to learn more about how you can get a waiver of the initial $195 licensing fee.  You can reach Julie today at 925-543-0514 or


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Sales Presentation Modules (Included with InsMark Essentials)


Illustration of Values

Basic insurance policy illustrations are often overloaded with numbers, asterisks, complex footnotes, and all legally necessary details. Though necessary, add this simple illustration (which refers to your basic illustration) for your client presentations. 


Other Investments vs. Your Policy

For clients that have the disposable income to put the maximum amount of premium in the policy for a given client age and death benefit, payments into a cash value life insurance policy can produce substantially more net income during retirement than other investment alternatives.  This InsMark Essentials presentation module allows you to prove this by showing the math.  So, this presentation if very effective with clients and their financial advisors.  


Permanent vs. Term

Many people, including professional advisers, think “term-and-invest-the-difference” is always the best approach. This comparison illustration, however, provides you with a compelling counterargument for those clients with incomes over $100,000 and higher tax rates. In these cases, you can now prove that cash value life insurance is usually the superior choice for the client.

Various Financial Alternatives

Various Financial Alternatives is one of our most popular illustrations. Similar to Other Investments vs. Your Policy, except this illustration accommodates up to 4 investment alternatives.

An easy way to "test the eggs in the life insurance omelet."  There are sixteen investment alternative selections or customize your own.

With the Various Financial Alternatives presentation, you can take on equity accounts, annuities, tax-exempt bond funds, IRAs, and just about any economic alternative a critic could come up with – and “knock the socks off” a prospective client with the comparative results.

Another Important Feature

Sample Illustrations are included for each illustration concept. Samples allow you to Preview the reports, but more importantly, they let you review the input that generated them. A description helps you understand the Sample - making them valuable in helping you learn the System. Samples can even be used as a template where you edit the information to reflect your client's data.

Various Financial Alternatives Sample Output

VFA: Comparison of Cumulative Plan Costs

Here's What You Will Love About InsMark Essentials

David Grant | Senior Vice President, Global Sales

  • The legendary Robert B. Ritter, Jr. created the highly successful concept of CheckMate Selling. Over the last 38 years, this concept alone has single-handedly changed the fortunes of thousands upon thousands of life insurance advisors and their clients. The CheckMate Selling concept and its array of four pivotal sales presentations allow the advisor to anticipate a client’s objections, thus creating easy closes. 
  • The “InsMark Essentials System” brings the CheckMate Selling concept to your fingertips via this web application. The system contains these presentations: Illustration of Values, Permanent vs. Term, Other Investments vs. Your Policy, and Various Financial Alternatives. 

  • What is most impressive about these sales presentations and what makes them so important to your practice is that they undoubtedly will prove to your clients that cash value life insurance is far superior to other investments when honestly presented side by side. No one does this better than InsMark and the InsMark Essentials System, bar none.


Julie Nayeri | Sales Manager

  • InsMark Essentials is THE way to get started with InsMark’s software platform. Within a few minutes of entering data, you can view reports/illustrations and have them in your client’s hand in no time.
  • InsMark Essentials provides you with the four most popular modules in the InsMark Illustration System.  
  • You can access it easily from the web on either a tablet or PC to produce the four most powerful insurance comparative analyses for all your clients.  
  • InsMark Essentials is easy to use, yet the output is powerful, concise, and addresses all potential concerns, verbalized or not: just what your client needs to see to make the high-conviction buying decision.

Why use InsMark Essentials

30-Day Guarantee Backed by Algorithm Storage

We are confident Essentials will work for you. We support Essentials with a money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, InsMark will gladly refund you when canceled within 30 days of purchase.

We back all of our presentations up by using software full of financial analysis fundamentals that do the math for you so you can prove and show your clients where the data came from.

All your presentations are stored on the SaaS Cloud and can be downloaded as needed.